Natural and local: Two terms you think you know?

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday! It’s hard to believe with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness being over, we are clearly well into the holidays!

labelsI wanted to step away from my normal product breakdown and focus on some of the labels we see daily, while strolling through the food aisle. You might commonly see the terms local or natural flashed across the item and come to your own conclusions on what these terms mean.

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Moisturizing lotions: Is 0>1 when it comes to lotion ingredients?

In mathematics, we all know that 0>1 but is that necessarily the case when it comes down to what ingredients are in  your daily skin moisturizer aka LOTION?

Throughout the years, I’ve amassed a pretty decent lotion collection. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually had to purchase a bottle because I constantly receive them during the holidays or on special occasions. If you could give someone the gift of soft skin, why wouldn’t you? 

IMG_0392Moisturizers are everywhere! Victoria’s Secret as well as Bath & Body Works are common skin care manufacturers  whose products are easily accessible because of their convenient mall locations. Want something cheaper or simpler with no fragrance?  A quick trip to Target or your local grocery/drug store will all have them stocked on their shelves. I decided to go into my collection and scan some with my Thinkdirty app.  Continue reading

Smelly Situation: Do We Need Aluminum To Stop Sweating?

Let’s talk deodorant and anti-perspirants. I don’t remember when I first started applying it, but I sure am grateful to whoever invented it. Can you imagine going on a hike in 90 degree weather without it? When I first started with under-arm care, I’m highly convinced I was using some form of women’s anti-perspirant. I’d walk into the aisles where they were conveniently separated for males and females and start taking off caps and testing the different smells. Can anyone relate? I went from using powder anti-perspirant for years to men’s deodorant and only recently did I transition from men’s deodorant to numerous women’s aluminum-free deodorant.


Organic Olivia wrote a great blog post about some of the harmful chemicals lurking in deodorant. Here’s a picture of the breakdown in most!
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What’s in your peanut butter?

Let’s look at different jars of peanut butter & their listed ingredients. Apologies in advance to readers who have nut allergies! Peanut butter is not a huge staple in my household but it’s currently in my cabinet. Nowadays there’s all kinds of butters. Almond, cashew, sunflower seed, macadamia, walnut, pistachio, and the list goes on. It may be hard to find a store that carriers all the numerous varieties of “butters” but peanut butter is typically one of the more common spreads. So what exactly is listed inside these jars of peanut butter?  Continue reading

Labels: Are they a big deal?

Does anyone read them? Do they mean anything? 
A few years back I put a lot of trust into the products I would encounter on a daily basis and it’s fine if you do too! I never felt the need to question what I was eating or what I was putting on my face or into my hair to hold a curl.

I figured if I was buying a jar of peanut butter (more on that later) I was buying a product that was made completely out of peanuts. At least, that’s what I wanted to think so that became my reality without having to read labels.

When did I start reading labels?
I must admit, I love a good deal. When I go to the grocery store, I compare brands and unless I’m completely devoted to a certain brand, I’ll grab the cheaper item. They’re the same right? (Not necessarily) So when did I make the transition? I used to work at Starbucks and my coworker at the time was always reading the nutritional labels on everything!

At first I looked at her like she was nuts, I mean who had time to stop and read labels all the time? She would point out an ingredient in the soy milk, blueberry scones, or the madeline packets and tote what she knew about them. My response was always along the lines of “Really? What it that? Is that bad? Why?” 

Her extensive knowledge on ingredients inspired me to take the extra time to look at labels of all kinds. I started following accounts on social media whose sole purpose was to inform people about health and many posts were about dissecting labels!

From here on out this blog will look at different products you may encounter from time to time. Whether it or a variation of it is in your food cabinet, makeup bag, or among your cleaning supplies, we’ll take a look at it!